Taking apart the apron of a South Bend Model A

I planned to take lots of pictures and document every step.
I didn't.
When I remembered to take a shot I was usually too greasy, and when I was busy I rarely remembered.
Here is what I did manage to shoot.

1. this is the apron as I received it from ebay after running it though my lye bath. I did some partial disassembly before shooting these.

Apron for a 9 inch Souht Bend Model A lathe

2. Pop the retaining clip off the cross feed screw drive gear. (there are a bunch of steps missing before this one. Sorry.)

Cross feed screw gear retaining clip South Bend 9" Lathe

3. This picture shows the gear that rides the selector lever and distributes rotary motion to either the cross feed or the rack. Not sure why I took it, what I am pointing at, or why it is so damn fuzzy. OK, that last part is because I am a lousy photographer.

South Bend Model A apron feed selector gear

4. This is the gear that drives the apron along the rack either when turning the hand wheel, or when using the longitudinal power feed. The shaft I am pointing at is stationary in the apron, and the gear rotates on that while being turned by the hand wheel pinion or the drive gear shown earlier.  I believe I am reminding myself to replace the lubrication felt before reassembly. Good idea!

southbend 9" apron rack drive gear from Model A

5. This picture shows the pin which acts to prevent the half nuts from engaging when the power feeds are in use (and vice versa). It runs in a hole drilled between the gear area, and the large bore (visible on the right) which holds the halfnut handle. the power feed selector handle cam (shown upside down in the lower center of the pic) bears on this pin and pushes it to the right when the feeds are engaged. In that position the halfnut handle is locked out from rotating to engage the halfnuts. Similarly, if the half nuts are engaged first, the pin blocks the lobe on the cam so that the feeds cannot be used. If both feeds and halfnuts are engaged at the same time bad things happen. One wants to remember this pin, so I took this photo.

Half nut lockout pin from southbend 9 Inch Model A workshop lathe apron

6. I think this is all I have from this apron. Later I got another one (without the broken handle) but I don't know if I took any more tear down shots.