South Bend Lathe

The South Bend lathe is one of the most popular lathes ever made in the US. There are many models ranging from the 9" workshop lathe (which I am working on) to 16" swing lathes, and even larger.

I had always wanted to own a south bend lathe, so when I finally had a shop with enough room for one, I made it my business to get one!

South bend 9" lathe tear down part 2

Next in line for disassembly is the spindle. At the gear end there is a threaded split collar that retains the spindle and is used to remove end float. It has a set screw that you have to loosen, then you need to know it is threaded or else you will try and pull it off (which you can't). Behind the collar is a fiber washer and a steel washer. Once all of this is removed then you loosen the cap screws (or bolts on some) sqishing the bearings on their shims, and then the only thing holding the spindle in place is the very tightly fitted bull gear and its key.

South Bend lathe model C cone pulley problem

So I started tearing into the lathe out of a desire to A. figure out how it all works, and B. to clean up all the gunk, dried oil, and swarf.

Almost immediately I found the first problem which is that the headstock drive cone pulley has a broken tooth where it engages the back gear. Looking on ebay I see that I can probably get one for $40 or so, and that is probably what I will do.